Schönox HPS North America, Inc. offers technical training and seminars that provide hands-on opportunities to learn about the full range of our products, installation tips and subfloor preparation details. These opportunities are generally presented at our training facility in Florence, Alabama, but just as frequently at contractor, installer or distributor locations around the country.

During this unpredictable time, the safety of our customers and employees is of the utmost importance but HPS Schönox remains at the ready to help support customers in providing subfloor solutions. In an effort to be productive over the coming weeks, our team is providing Schönox “Social Distance” Training webinars.


Basics 101 50 mins| Provided Upon Request

Part 1 – 25 minutes: Advance your knowledge to determine the correct primer and use of primer systems and explore the rock-solid foundation of cement-based self-levelers and application techniques.

Part 2- 25 minutes: Explore the innovative world of synthetic and hybrid self-levelers and application techniques and discover the uses of the most technologically advanced adhesive systems.

Education – A Smarter Way to Subfloor – 45 mins | Provided Upon Request

Do more than make the grade with Schönox Self-Levelers. Learn how Schönox AP, AP Rapid, DSP Plus, and other products save time and expense, while being environmentally responsible by limiting the need for demolition. Schönox is the smart choice for education.

Moisture Mitigation 201 – 50 mins | Provided Upon Request

Sharpen your understanding of moisture issues and strategies to combat them with a deeper dive into one of the most important subfloor issues in the flooring industry. Examine the elements of moisture mitigation within the concrete matrix and lay the groundwork to select the right material and gain insight for a successful installation.

National Retail Renovation without Deconstruction – 45 mins | Provided Upon Request

Retail project types all have similar and challenging subfloor conditions. Years of tenant wear, potential heavy traffic, and general product life cycle decline have resulted in the need for flooring replacement. When existing flooring is removed, those years of wear reveal subfloors that are crumbling and unstable with large amounts of flex that can be felt when traversed.

Learn about proven, reliable, & compatible solutions that can provide renovation options without deconstruction and help you complete the flooring in hours rather than days.

Need for Speed™ – 45 mins | Provided Upon Request

There’s fast and then there’s Schönox rapid-fast. Most installations can begin in as little as 90 minutes.

Learn about products and solutions that are specially formulated for the leveling in interior floors under time constraints. Save time, money and hassle with products that pour smoothly and dry quickly.

Pump & Pour – 1 hour | Provided Upon Request

Get Pumped About Self-Leveling with Schönox and Graco

Learn how to maximize your workflow with Schönox self-levelers and Graco ToughTek® MP Series mixing pumps. Designed with the installer in mind, these pumps help get the subfloor installed faster. Applying self-leveling underlayments in large areas can be a logistical nightmare. Cover big square footage in small turnaround times. Mix and pump Schönox self-leveling compounds continuously and consistently, resulting in smooth and seamless floors. Simply set the water flow rate, add material to the hopper, get to work, and get ÖN IT.

Rapid Healthcare Conversion Initiative – 45 mins | Provided Upon Request

In response to COVID-19, hospitality and other spaces are being converted to healthcare use in hours, not days.  See the techniques and subfloor products used in these important projects by scheduling a personal webinar for your company by calling Carol Morris or John Bonney at 855.391.2649.

Schönox products are an environmentally responsible choice. All products contribute to USGBC LEED credits and they have low to no VOC characteristics. Schönox AP, AP Rapid, and AP Rapid Plus, self-leveling compounds, have unique dust reduced properties, making them ideal for occupied spaces. Schönox ZM Rapid cures in and is ready for covering in 90 mins.

Residential Home Construction – 30 mins | Provided Upon Request

Residential home construction has numerous subfloor challenges. This webinar will walk you through Schönox product solutions that help cut labor costs and can expedite your timeline to get or keep you on track for completing your build. Additionally, we focus on new construction and renovation projects. Learn about moisture mitigation system solutions and products you can pour over an existing floor, eliminating deconstruction/demolition.

From everyday to extreme conditions, save time and money on your next residential project with Schönox Subfloor Solutions.

Shower Installation – 30 mins | Provided Upon Request

Confidently specify materials and complete waterproofing projects for showers, of course, but also swimming pools, balconies, and wet rooms – integrated Schönox waterproofing systems handle every corner, drain, pipe, and condition.

The Schönox Shower System is compatible with all brands of pre-manufactured shower pans or can be used in conjunction with Schönox US for a poured shower pan.

Solutions for Multifamily – 1 hour | Provided Upon Request

Learn about proven, reliable & compatible solutions.

Multifamily project types all have similar and challenging subfloor conditions. Years of tenant wear and product life cycle decline have resulted in the need for flooring replacement. When existing flooring is removed, those years of tenant wear reveal ordinary gypsum-based subfloors that are crumbling and unstable with large amounts of flex that can be felt when traversed.

Synthetics and Hybrids – 30 mins | Provided Upon Request

Synthetics brought versatility and strength. Hybrids added speed. Self-leveling technologies have never been better.

Schönox AP, APF and AST are synthetic gypsum products manufactured from the purified emissions taken from the smokestacks of fossil-fueled power plants. Once fortified using a special conversion method, the final synthetic gypsum is far superior to ordinary gypsum. These products can go over many critical substrates, dry to an outstanding 5800 to 6200 PSI, and DO NOT SHRINK. And as with all Schönox products, AP, APF, and AST contain no fly ash.

The next generation of synthetics are hybrid leveling compounds. Schönox AP Rapid and AP Rapid Plus 100% active-drying, rapid-curing self-levelers offer the benefits of both worlds by combining the versatility, strength, and durability of synthetic gypsum with the speed of fast-curing cement.

Why Prep? – 20 mins | Provided Upon Request

Every floor covering installation requires awareness, knowledge, and skill. Regardless of the final floor covering, floor surface preparation is the first and most important step for the installation of any flooring. If not properly prepped many problems can arise including uneven surfaces, poor adherence, cracks, holes, and more. Before proceeding with your next installation review some basic preparation whys that should be followed and a few questions to factor.

AIA/CES, IDCEC, and USGBC registered and fully accredited CEUs:

CEU: Moisture Mitigation – 1 credit hour | Provided Upon Request

Learn to diagnose and address subfloor moisture issues preventing problems and ensuring project success.

Moisture in concrete slabs and substrates is a widespread and common problem with negative flooring consequences, if not addressed. Successful moisture mitigation solutions exist so long as the issues are identified and paired with the right processes and products. Together, we’ll walk through moisture testing and the best practices in moisture mitigation, leading to successful, sustainable flooring installations.

CEU: Self-Leveling Technology – 1 credit hour | Provided Upon Request

Self-leveling technology is evolving, and demand for it is growing steadily as specifiers and contractors experience its substantial benefits. Self-leveling compounds successfully address the most challenging subfloor issues while delivering the highest quality results. Understanding the best practices and capabilities of self-leveling technology will help every architect and designer harness the strength of this process in their new and renovation flooring projects.