Hybrid Active-Dry Technology™

Historically, subfloor products with strength and speed shrunk while drying.  Others with the versatility to address varied and challenging substrate issues dried slowly.  Now, patented Schönox Hybrid Active-Dry Technology combines the speed of cement with the strength and versatility of synthetic gypsum without cracking, shrinking, or expanding.

Schönox Hybrids dry independently of the jobsite’s environmental conditions.  Facilities without HVAC or those with high humidity present no problems for Hybrid Active-Dry Technology solutions.

The fully-integrated Schönox Hybrid solutions handle the widest variety of substrates, including concrete and gypsum of course, but wood, vinyl, ceramic, terrazzo, residual adhesives, and many others as well.  With just three products, the Schönox Hybrid series keeps the products to a minimum and the solutions at a maximum:

Schönox HS Sturdy repairs, patches, smooths, and finishes from featheredge to 2” depths, combining tasks including the ability for ramping up to 2”.

Schönox AP Rapid levels substrates with depths from 1/16” to 1/2”, achieving compressive strength of 3800 psi in one day.

Go deeper with Schönox AP Rapid Plus, leveling subfloors with depths from 1/8” to 3”.

Schönox Hybrids are ideal for subfloor conditions ranging from the everyday to the extreme.  Renovate subfloors rather than demolishing them, renewing and reusing subfloors for wise environmental stewardship and exceptional project results.

Hybrid Active-Dry Technology™:

The speed of cement, the versatility of gypsum
No cracking, shrinking, or expanding
No HVAC, high humidity – no problem
Integrated patch, repair, finishing, and leveling compounds
From featheredge to 3” depths within a 3-product series
Low dust, no VOCs, contributes to LEED credits
Outstanding compressive and flexural strength
Contains recycled content
Covers multiple (almost all) substrates
Pumpable leveling compounds
Rapid drying
Innovative solution