Schönox Service – Market Intel and Opportunities

Partners in Business Development

Tackling a project in a new market segment? Want the latest data about a particular industry? Need insights into how project decisions are made? The Segments and Opportunities section of our site provides the following actionable information for a variety of industries:

  • Overview – a look at the industry, its operations, size and scope
  • Trends – market, technology, human dynamics
  • Decisions – who and how decisions are made and projects planned
  • Numbers – square footage, economics, spending
  • Subfloors – issues, opportunities, and how to address each

Schönox market intelligence, data, and insights help flooring professionals sharpen their project proposals and plans, providing an edge in business development. Our research links the trends and issues affecting an industry with flooring project issues and how Schönox positively impacts each project.

Want information more local to your customer or project site? Schönox provides two additional resources for you to consider.

  • If you haven’t already, contact your local Schönox regional business manager or representative. They have local knowledge of upcoming projects and information about project sites. Schönox representatives will help tailor project plans to address specific subfloor issues and project objectives. They are ready to partner with you in business development and project execution.
  • In addition, Schönox representatives unlock additional market intelligence, regarding projects in the early planning stages, budget parameters, and key project decision criteria. An experienced team of business operations experts support our representatives in the field, with detailed research and opportunity analysis.

Schönox service includes resources and support for your business development and project planning. Tap into these resources. Use the Find a Rep tool to locate your Schönox contact. Or call our Florence Support Center – 855.391.2649 to talk right away.