Moisture Mitigation Systems

Handle Moisture and More

No issue causes more installation failures than moisture.  Few if any issues provide a greater opportunity to deliver lasting value and performance for flooring customers.  Schönox equips flooring professionals with solutions to do just that, mitigating moisture issues up to and including 100% RH (or 25 lbs./ 1000 sq. ft./24 hours).  Concrete slabs with troublesome moisture issues are readied for priming, leveling, and floor covering as well as long term performance.

Certain Schönox moisture mitigation systems provide solutions beyond moisture concerns.  Substrates such as wood, dry gypsum, and those with non-water-soluble adhesives present weak, flaking, open surfaces.  Schönox MR 18, EPA, and EPA Rapid successfully solidify those substrates, building a closed film ready for priming and leveling.  In addition, Schönox EPA and EPA Rapid provide a migration barrier over abated slabs, solving this serious industry issue.

The three solutions in the Schönox moisture mitigation system series do the work of multiple subfloor products, providing solutions to moisture, substrate solidification, prior slab abatement, and other challenges.

Schönox MR 18 provides moisture mitigation up to 93% RH with one coat – up to 99% RH with two coats, solidifies weak substrates, primes adhesive residues, and can be covered with resilient flooring (using Schönox Protect adhesive), featuring one-hour waiting times and excellent penetration in a ready mixed solution applied with a roller.

Schönox EPA provides moisture mitigation up to 100% RH with one coat, solidifies weak substrates, and can be covered with a variety of floor coverings using certain Schönox adhesives, featuring a ready-for-leveling time of 4-6 hours, low odor, and high penetration in a two-part solution applied with a squeegee.

Schönox EPA Rapid includes all the benefits of Schönox EPA, but with half the wait time, ready for leveling in just 2-3 hours.

Schönox Moisture Mitigation Systems:

Address moisture up to and including 100% RH
Solidify weak substrates such as wood, dry gypsum, and adhesive residues
Provide a mitigation barrier over abated concrete (EPA and EPA Rapid)
Fully integrated systems for use with all other Schönox subfloor products
Provide a surface ready for floor covering using designated Schönox adhesives
Rapid drying options (MR 18 and EPA Rapid)
Application from a standing position
Interior and exterior use option (EPA and EPA Rapid)
Strong substrate penetration
Solvent free
No VOCs (MR 18) and low VOCs (EPA and EPA Rapid), contributes to LEED credits
Address all moisture mitigation needs within a 3-product series