Schönox Training – Pump Program

Training and Productivity at Live Jobsites

The Schönox Pump Program trains flooring professionals at their live jobsites with the latest self-leveling pump technologies.  Schönox provides a pump technology professional for training, a Graco MP40 pump, and the necessary support tools at the jobsite for up to three days.  Pump program participants see the advantages of pump technologies first hand including:

TIME – faster mixing and distribution of compounds
MONEY – faster production yields project savings
LABOR – efficient use of skilled personnel
CONSISTENCY – thorough product mixing, even distribution
LOCATION – mix remotely, pump to project space

Pump systems do not reduce the size of project team – they increase the productivity of the team.  A 6-person pump team can mix, pump, and distribute 110 more bags per hour than a team manually mixing material; that’s an additional 18,235 sq. ft. per day. 

The Schönox pump program benefits all project stakeholders with each receiving:
  • Team members (training participants) – actionable, real-world training
  • Contractors – more profitable project, equipped for greater success
  • Project owners – best-in-class subfloor, project monitored by pump tech and self-leveling expert
In general, self-leveling projects with greater than 500 bags should utilize pump technology.  The profits from a 2-to-3-day, self-leveling project will pay for a Graco MP 40 pump.  Contact your Schönox RBM or TSR  to arrange a Schönox pump program training.