Need for Speed™

Tight project schedules – that’s just one detail impacting a project’s timeline. Dive deeper and there’s usually more going on. Modern renovation and construction projects bring together complexities impacting timing and deadlines with:

  • Overlapping trades with need for site access
  • Quick facility turnarounds
  • Jobsite climate conditions preventing progress
  • Delayed project starts (for many reasons)
  • Limited skilled and experienced personnel

For Schönox, the answer to these complexities was to concentrate on them, developing Need for Speed™ solutions to the barriers flooring professionals face with project timing. Schönox Need-for-Speed™ subfloor products dry incredibly fast. That’s a given, but we also changed the way projects are completed, thinking differently about the work and how it gets done.

Integrated Schönox product systems allow floor space turnarounds overnight. Other Schönox products equip contractors to renovate rather than demolish existing subfloors. The full range of our solutions addresses every subfloor issue, ensuring professionals are never delayed regardless of the challenges they encounter. Many Schönox products do double and triple duty, combining tasks, further accelerating projects. The Need for Speed™ is about fast products, but it’s also about doing things you couldn’t do before.