Jobsite and Global Environmental Credentials

Environmental responsibility begins at the jobsite and extends to the global environment at large.  Flooring professionals and occupants around jobsites deserve healthy air quality, materials, and processes.  Project planners, specifiers, and owners want safe products, made responsibly with sustainable practices.  Schönox embraces these environmental imperatives, committing our research and development efforts to achieve industry-leading product performance and safety.


It’s a concern on every project; one Schönox tackled with low dust and special dust-reduced properties that have to be seen, or in this case not seen, to believe.  Pour a bag of Schönox with these technologies and you’ll see why they are preferred by installers.


Every Schönox product has such low to no VOCs that each contributes to LEED credits for low-emitting materials. Use Schönox to plan every project from primer to patch and repair, through leveling and adhesive, and even waterproofing without VOC concerns.


In a dual success story for the environment, the by-product from the process used to purify power plant emissions is recycled, converted, and fortified for use in many Schönox products. Schönox synthetic gypsum compounds have 48 to 52% recycled content. Within the hybrid active-dry technology series, AP Rapid and HS Sturdy have 40 to 50% recycled content and AP Rapid Plus has 15 to 25%.


The ultimate reuse opportunity in the construction and built sector rests in the ability to renovate rather than demolish a structure. This includes subfloors. Schönox technology makes renovation a preferred option, resulting in better projects while completely preventing the conversion of useful subfloors to landfill disposal material.


Now and for decades to come, those renovating spaces will encounter asbestos. Not disturbing those materials remains the best practice. Schönox provides a system to cover subfloors containing asbestos, resulting in a renovated surface and a healthy outcome for installers


Achieving LEED certification requires a commitment and mindset to use environmentally responsible products and processes. Schönox shares that focus evidenced by all of our products contributing to at least one and up to five LEED credits each. And whether a project is on a LEED track or not, using Schönox ensures each product has received diligent environmental scrutiny.


Many project scenarios warrant a floating or decoupled subfloor, including historic properties, subfloors with costly remediation needs, and others where leaving the substrate undisturbed presents environmental and project advantages. The integrated Schönox Renotex® 3D system creates a floating construction ideal for these scenarios.


What’s in a product is as important as what the product does.  Schönox maintains close relationships with all raw material suppliers, ensuring the safety and purity of each product input.  Inputs like fly ash never find their way into Schönox products.  Inputs like recycled content from carefully vetted sources do.


Certified under the ISO 9001 and 14001 quality and environmental management standards, Schönox manufactures our products in Germany with exacting methods.  Some product mixtures are even completed by hand.


Yes, you can talk on a phone from 1995, but wouldn’t an up-to-date model do so much more? No product formula is off limits from improvement and even replacement when our world-class R&D team creates a better way. Project needs change – Schönox changes with them.


Take care of flooring contractors and everyone wins. Schönox products with low dust, no VOCs, and responsible ingredients provide professionals with products they trust to do the job right without impact on their health. Add in ergonomic installation methods and more project time spent installing rather than demolishing subfloors, and flooring pros have a clearly positive environmental and health choice with Schönox.


Schönox customers never choose between project performance and environmental performance. All Schönox products perform in both areas, blending the benefits of each to maximum advantage.