Schönox EMICLASSIC® 4 gal

Universal No-Latex Pressure-Sensitive Acrylic Adhesive for all Flexible Coverings suitable for bonding all types of vinyls, carpets, linoleum, and synthetic rubber coverings, as well as impact sound insulation underlayments on porous and non-porous substrates in interior areas. Up to 95 RH/pH irrelevant.

Emicode - low-emissions product. HPS Schönox Subfloor Solutions

Technical Data


When applied with a roller: Approx. 850 sq.ft. per unit
When applied with a notched trowel 1/16″x 1/16″x 1/16″: Approx. 600-800 sq.ft. per unit
When applied with a notched trowel 1/8″x 1/8″x 1/16″ OR 3/32″x 3/32″x 3/32″: Approx. 380-520 sq.ft. per unit


EC 1PLUS: very low emission


IEQ 4.1 Low-Emitting Materials-Adhesives and Sealants, 1 point
IEQ 4.3 Low-Emitting Materials-Flooring Systems-1 point

VOC Content

0g/l (calculated), SCAQMD

Working Temperature

Not below 59°F floor temperature

Temperature Resistance

With underfloor heating up to 122°F

Waiting Time

10-60 minutes

Shelf Life

12 months


33 / pallet


4 gallons in plastic container

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