No More Sticky Issues

With adhesives, expect the same advanced technology level you experience with every layer of your Schönox subfloor plan.  Schönox provides highly engineered adhesive solutions designed to work with the specific floor coverings in your project and the subfloor conditions you’re facing.  In addition, each adhesive is fully integrated with the other Schönox subfloor products you are using.  The results stand out with enhanced installation performance, faster installs, and long-term durability.

Schönox adhesives demonstrate unexpected positives with moisture resistance front and center among them.  Both Schönox Protect and HPS 92 adhesives are moisture resistant, making them ideal for use with other moisture resistant Schönox subfloor products such as Schönox SL (cement-based, smoothing and finishing compound) and many others.

Many Schönox adhesives help installers to do their work more efficiently.  Schönox Roll and Go is an example with a rollable adhesive made especially for use with rapidly-growing LVT floor coverings with the adhesive applied from a standing position.  Tiles are bound immediately and the floor can bear loads right away.

With so much installation work completed in occupied spaces, Schönox provides low odor, no VOC, solvent-free adhesive options.  The Schönox adhesive series addresses a wide range of floor coverings for use on porous and non-porous substrates with heavy duty, wet tack, pressure-sensitive, acrylic, polyurethane, interior – exterior use, and many other options.

Schönox Emiclassic bonds vinyl, carpets, linoleum, synthetic rubber, and other flexible coverings with a short 10-to-60-minute wait time before installation, using a high-strength, high coverage, acrylic formulation suitable for wet tack and pressure-sensitive installations.
Schönox HPS 92 is ideal for bonding vinyl composition (VCT), vinyl enhanced, solid vinyl tile, and cushioned sheet vinyl with a 2-hour open time, using an acrylic formulation enhanced with moisture resistant properties up to 92% RH.
Schönox Protect bonds sheet vinyl, LVT, VCT, synthetic rubber, linoleum, and other resilient coverings with a 0-to-20-minute wait time, yielding heavy-duty results, non-shrinking performance, and moisture resistance to 95% RH.
Schönox Multifix rolls on, bonding carpet tiles and cushioned vinyl, retaining its tack for the ability to remove tiles and replace them now and in the future, with a short wait time and long open time.
Schönox PU 900 bonds sheet vinyl, rubber and linoleum in sheets, and artificial grass and fills non-structural cracks with no wait time, employing a 2-part universal polyurethane system with high strength, rapid hardening, and a long open time.
Schönox Roll and Go™ provides an integrated kit for bonding luxury vinyl tiles and planks, including KH Fix primer, Roll and Go adhesive, tray, handle, and rollers with a 20-to-60-minute wait time and the ability to traffic and move furniture and fixtures in place immediately after flooring installation.

Schönox Adhesives:

Options for bonding vinyl, VCT, LVT, carpets, synthetic rubber, linoleum, cushioned vinyl, flexible coverings, other resilient floors, and more
Moisture resistant adhesives (HPS 92 and Protect)
Acrylic and polyurethane (PU 900) formulations
Short wait time, long open time options
Tack retained for future covering changes and repairs (Roll and Go™ and Multifix)
High-coverage, high-strength, and heavy-duty options
Immediate loading of the covering after installation (Roll and Go™)
Fill and repair dormant, non-structural cracks (PU 900)
Fully integrated systems for use with all other Schönox subfloor products
Application from a standing position (Roll and Go™ and Multifix)
Exterior use option (PU 900)
Solvent free, low odor options
No VOCs, contribute to LEED credits, meets Emicode EC 1 Plus: Very low emission