Martin Family Custom Home

Custom residential homes are packed with special features. Many of those take the form of creative ceramic and porcelain tile installations in the bath and shower areas. A recent project in New Hope, TX incorporated a variety of thoughtful designs throughout the bath spaces.Showers with curved walls, insets, benches, interesting architectural shapes, and even windows combined to set this beautiful home apart.

Those are all great features, but they can present installation challenges, especially considering the need for those areas to be waterproof. Integrity Floors, the contractor on the project, brought in Schönox to specify a series of integrated products to address the custom shapes and features and the best waterproofing techniques for use with each.

Existing Substrate

Most substrates were backer board materials. In this half-moon shower, the walls were drywall. Schönox KH Fix, acrylic primer, was applied to reduce the absorbency of the drywall.

Creating the Shower Floor: Schönox US

The flow and product characteristics of Schönox US, cement based self-leveling compound, make it an ideal material for use shower floor surface in this irregularly shaped space. Pictured is the shower floor just after Schönox US was poured.

Here is the final shower after tile installation.

Waterproofing the shower and bath areas: Schönox iFix™

Schönox iFix™, rollable waterproofing sealing adhesive, was used in the shower and bath areas. Schönox iFix™ is solvent free, contains no VOCs, contributes to LEED credits, and uses a special dust reduced polymer cutting down on those dust clouds so common with other waterproofing materials.

Schönox iFix™ was applied to all of the bath areas using rollers.

Schönox ST, sealing tape, was applied to this right angle area atop the Schönox iFix™ sealing adhesive.

All areas of the shower space were covered with Schönox AB, sealing and uncoupling layer material. Schönox iFix™ was used to bond the sealing layers to the surfaces and also to seal the seams of the layers. This process is more than 40% faster than traditional waterproofing methods.

Tighter areas and corners were covered using Schönox waterproofing accessories for inside and outside corners and right angle spaces.

Schönox provides pipe cover accessories with 5/8” and 5/16” hole diameters.

All areas of the shower spaces were covered with iFix™ followed by AB, the sealing layer. AB is made of polyethylene for use with ceramic and natural stone coverings.

Thinset was applied directly to the Schönox AB materials followed by ceramic and porcelain tiles throughout the shower and bath areas.

Finished Installation

Schönox iFix™ is ideal for use in waterproofing shower and bath areas of any sizes and shapes.