Schönox HA

//Schönox HA

Ready mixed, rollable waterproof sealing membrane for installations of waterproof sealings under ceramic tiles in residential and commercial wet rooms in interior areas.

Schönox HA

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Technical Data


Coverage based on a two coat system:
Approx. 200sq.ft. per unit of 22kg/3.8 gal.
Approx. 70sq.ft. per unit of 7kg/1.2 gal.


EC 1: very low emission


IEQ Credit 4.1 Low Emitting Materials-Adhesives & Sealants 1 point

Ready to Apply
2nd Coat:

3 hours on walls, approx. 5 hours on floors

Ready for Covering
(after 2nd coat):

After approx. 3 hours on walls, after approx. 5 hours on floors

Shelf Life:

1 year

VOC Content:

Og/l (calculated), SCAQMD 1168

Working Temperature:

Not below 41°F floor temperature

Product Details


Synthetic resin dispersion




22 kg / 3.8 gal. in a plastic container
7 kg / 1.2 gal. in a plastic container