Autumn Ridge Apartments

Schönox VD and APF were used in renovations of the Autumn Ridge Clubhouse and Apartment homes in Raleigh, NC.

Autumn Ridge Clubhouse and Apartment Homes in Raleigh, NC is nestled in a wooded setting offering residents a peaceful lifestyle and relaxing atmosphere with proximity to a growing metropolitan area. It is one of the first multi-family buildings in Raleigh to have its existing standard gypsum subfloors leveled with Schönox APF, an innovative, fast-setting underlayment.

Years of tenant wear have left the subfloors unstable with large amounts of subfloor deflection that can be felt when traversed. The subfloors throughout the complex are starting to crack and crumble; if not addressed, the subfloors will deteriorate over time becoming more unstable.
Crews prep the subfloors quickly by vacuuming and removing loose pieces, instead of the traditional grind or demolition processes. Gauge rakes are used to measure the product depth and help spread the material quickly. Porcupine rollers are an excellent tool to use in-between bucket pours to break the surface tension of the product, creating a smoother finish.

Priming Using Schönox VD

Schönox VD, universal acrylic primer, is rolled over the existing standard gypsum subfloors to create a seal to protect against moisture from Schönox APF and to bind any residual dust. After only 10 minutes of drying time, the subfloors are ready to be leveled quickly and efficiently with Schönox APF, synthetic gypsum fiber reinforced leveling compound.

Schönox APF is Applied

Each bag of Schönox APF is mixed with a precise amount of water to achieve consistent batches bag after bag. Some installers cut a slit in their water bucket to allow only the required water amount in the bucket.
Schönox APF can be installed in significantly less time and at lesser costs than traditional subfloor demolition and replacement efforts. The resulting subfloor using APF is stronger and smoother as well. Installers are able to complete the new subfloor installation quickly and efficiently, enabling other trades to be back on the jobsite the very next day. APF sets quickly and hardens to a compressive strength of 6200 psi exceeding today’s new flooring manufacturer psi requirements. The embedded fibers in APF work together to provide extraordinary reinforcement and tensile strength.
Schönox APF dries smooth without cracking or shrinking. Flat, level subfloors are crucial in today’s flooring market to ensure great looking floor installations.