Home of the Bates Family

The home owner at this project site wanted her carpet, wood, and ceramic floors replaced. As such, several subfloor issues were encountered. A variety of Schönox products were used to successfully address those issues in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Many residential homes have plywood or OSB subfloors providing builders with an efficient means to complete the initial construction of the home. While many broadloom carpets will stretch over those wood subfloors, other flooring materials require various underlayments and subfloor preparations. When it is time to renovate a residence, the subfloor is almost always an issue that must be addressed.

Existing Substrate

Wood flooring was attached directly to the wood subfloors in walkway and entry spaces. Residential grade beige carpet was installed throughout much of the home in living and common rooms. Ceramic tile was in place in wet areas, such as the kitchen.

The existing carpet and pad were removed revealing the plywood subfloors. The broadloom carpet covered a variety of rough and uneven areas in the subfloor.


All carpet, pad, and tack strips are removed throughout the home. The existing wood flooring and all securing hardware are pulled from the subfloor. Ceramic tile throughout the home was installed over cement underlayment boards. The tile and the boards are removed all the way to the wood subfloor.

Patching Using Schönox SL

Seams between plywood subfloor panels must be patched. Schönox SL is a cement based rapid drying, smoothing, and finishing compound. It is ideal for patching seams and irregular areas in subfloors. SL is applied directly to the areas that must be patched drying in roughly 20 minutes.

Final Preparation

Loose pieces are removed and remaining debris and dust are vacuumed.

Priming Using Schönox VD

Schönox VD is a universal acrylic primer that can be applied over porous substrates for interior use. The primer is slightly blue in color allowing the installer to more clearly see where the material has been applied. All of the subfloor areas receive a coat of Schönox VD. Schönox VD has very low emissions and is dry and ready for the application of leveling materials in approximately 10 to 30 minutes.

Leveling Using Schönox APF

Schönox APF is a synthetic gypsum fiber reinforced self-leveling compound well suited for wood subfloors. Schönox synthetic gypsum products can be mixed directly in the job space. The smooth flow and quick setting characteristics of APF make the leveling process an efficient task without traditional subfloor demolition efforts. Gauge rakes and porcupine rollers speed the distribution of the leveling material.

Adhesive Using Schönox Roll and Go™

Schönox Roll and Go™ is a fully integrated rollable acrylic adhesive product designed for use with LVT flooring. The kit includes the primer, adhesive, and rollers needed for floor installation. KH Fix is applied to the floor to bind residual dust and provide an ideal surface for the adhesive. With no VOC content, KH Fix reduces the absorbency of the subfloor drying in roughly 10 to 60 minutes depending on job site conditions. A separate roller is supplied for use with the Roll and Go™. The adhesive is taken directly from the product container.

The rolling application process ensures that the adhesive below the tiles is evenly spread. Tiles are bound immediately so the installer can work on and across the tile without slippage. Tiles can be installed for up to two hours after the adhesive is applied. Should that time be exceeded, a second coat of Roll and Go™ can be applied without removing the first coat. Tiles can be walked on and bear loads immediately.

Renovated Floor

The final tile floors are rolled just after installation. The combined usage of APF and Roll and Go™ results in an extremely smooth, flat flooring surface.