Massey Building-Future Site of Iberia Bank

Commercial office space in the Massey Building of Birmingham, Alabama has undergone renovations for the future site of Iberia Bank. Contractors were met with an existing concrete substrate with a 3” deep cavity, contaminants throughout the space with standard gypsum in areas, and former patches and repaired areas. Schönox SEZ Plus, VD Primer, and Schönox US with roughly 60% sand aggregate added, then a final pour of Schönox US were products used to repair and prep the subfloor for ceramic tile.

Completed in 1924, the historic Massey building in Birmingham, AL was named for its original developer, R.W. Massey. Taking inspiration from Spanish Moorish architecture, the building features spiral-fluted columns and pointed elements atop the parapet meant to mimic minarets.

Existing Substrate

The existing substrate had a variety of issues including: cavities where walls had been removed, uneven concrete layers in need of leveling, the presence of residual glue from ceramic tiles, and deteriorating ordinary gypsum material.

Priming Using Schönox VD

Schönox VD, universal acrylic primer, is applied over the existing concrete subfloor. Schönox VD is used to reduce absorption, bind residual dust, and increase adhesion.

Concrete Repair Using Schönox SEZ Plus

Schönox SEZ Plus, rapid setting screed, is used to repair voids in existing concrete where walls once stood. The rapid setting screed can be poured or pumped. SEZ Plus is easy to apply and dries fast even in thicker layers. It is ready for foot traffic after approximately 3 hours, and ready for covering after approximately 24 to 72 hours. SEZ Plus cures extremely hard and strong at 6500 PSI.

Schönox US Is Poured to Create Long-Lasting Subfloor

Schönox US, a cement based self-leveling compound, is mixed with sand aggregate and poured over existing concrete. The new subfloor is ready for foot traffic after approx. 4 hours, and ready for covering after approx. 24 hours at 1/4″ thick. Designed for fast leveling in interior and exterior areas; Schönox US can be layered in thicknesses up to 3” with aggregates, or thicknesses above 1/8” up to 1-1/2” without aggregates. Schönox US is suitable on cement, gypsum substrates, and water resistant adhesive residues. Also, virtually any floor covering can be installed over Schönox US. US has compressive strength that cures to 4250 psi; it is frost resistant in outdoor environments, and has very low emissions and contributes to LEED credits.