Schönox iFix

Rollable waterproof sealing adhesive for bonding Schönox AB sealing and uncoupling membrane in residential and commercial wet areas as well as in swimming pools. Schönox iFix is based on self-crosslinking, special acrylic and officially approved in heavy loaded wet areas.

Technical Data

  • Coverage
    • 105 sq.ft. / 10m per set
  • Ready for Covering:
    • After approx. 1 hour on porous substrates or after approx. 12 hours on non-porous substrates
  • Shelf Life:

    Store in cool, dry, frost-free conditions.

    • Powder component: 1 year unopened
    • Liquid component: 1 year unopened
  • Shelf Life Powder Components:
    • 6 Months
  • Working Temperature:
    • Not below 41°F floor temperature
  • Color
    • Powder Component Grey, Dispersion Blue
  • Packaging
    • 19 / pallet
  • Packsize
    • Powder component: 7.7 lbs./3.5 kg net weight in a paper bag
    • Liquid Component: 1.61 gallons/7.0 kg net weight in a plastic container

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