A Floating Floor Solution Designed to be ÖN IT

New or remodeling projects, especially those in the multi-family and senior housing markets, can become challenging when critical substrates are damaged by use through years of use. What’s the advantage of renovating versus demolition on projects like this? Costs and labor can be mitigated when a load-bearing substrate can be rehabbed. Schönox is familiar with this scenario, so we designed an innovative solution with insulation, sound-dampening, and fire-resistance qualities in mind.

The installation process is simple, while being labor and cost efficient.

First, the sound and insulation sheets are cut to size and loosely laid, sheet-to-sheet, on the wooden substrate. The high density of this underlayment allows for walkability at any time.

After the area has been properly covered with the sound and insulation sheets, the gaps to the perimeter should be closed adhering the RS 50 foam tape to any vertical structure. The foam adds sound insulation, while the self-sticking lip glues down to the mineral wool to prevent the AP Rapid Plus from flowing underneath.

The Schönox Renotex® 3D reinforcement fabric is then cut to shape using electrical scissors. The fabric is flattened lengthwise to overlap approximately 2”. Adhere ends of Renotex® 3D along walls using double-sided tape, when necessary, to eliminate any possible curl.

Finally, the Schönox AP Rapid Plus self-leveling compound is poured by using a mixing barrel or pump and completely covering the completely covering Schönox Renotex® 3D, by using barrel mixer or pump. AP Rapid Plus is designed for fast-track installations and is not sensitive to thickness or climate conditions. Because of this, the system cures in as little as 24 hours to a completely decoupled, floating, and self-bearing system.

The Schönox Renotex® 3D System is designed to create a new substrate for subsequent floor covering installations by offering professional flooring installers the opportunity to build up a true self-leveling, load-bearing, porous substrate suitable for wood or other flexible materials, such as luxury vinyl tile or carpet tile.

Combined, the system is strong, versatile, and durable.