Schönox RF

Cement-Based, Rapid-Setting, Smoothing and Patching Compound excellent for ramping, filling cracks and holes, or for repairing concrete stairs. For interior use. Can be installed up to 2″, finer aggregates.

Emicode - low-emissions product. HPS Schönox Subfloor Solutions
Certified low-emissions - environmentally aware concrete products

Technical Data

Compressive Strength

(ASTM C109/mod-days air cure only): 25 N/mm² / 4200 psi at 28 days


Approx. 34 sq. ft. per unit at 1/8″ (depending on substrate conditions and aggregate used)


EQc2 – 3 points, Low-Emitting Materials
MRc1 – up to 2 points, Life-Cycle Impact Reduction
MRc2 – 1 point, Environmental Product Declaration
MRc4 – 1 point, Material Ingredients

Working Temperature

41°F – 90°F

Pot Life

Approx. 15 minutes

Ready For Covering

After approx. 2 hours

Shelf Life

18 months unopened


15kg / 33lb. net weight in paper bags


Store in cool and dry conditions

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