Schönox SDG

Rapid Drying, Ready-Mixed Acrylic Moisture Mitigation System suitable on unheated cement based substrates with residual moisture up to 93% RH or 12 lbs./1000 sq.ft./24 hrs. in interior areas before applying Schönox underlayments.

Emicode - low-emissions product. HPS Schönox Subfloor Solutions

Technical Data


Approx. 350-400 sq.ft. per unit based on a two coat system
Approx. 220-270 sq.ft. per unit based on a three coat system


EC 1: very low emission


IEQ 4.2 Low-Emitting Materials Paints and Coatings – 1 point

VOC Content

0g/l (calculated), SCAQMD 1113

Working Temperature

Not below 59°F

Drying Time

Ready to apply 2nd coat: Approx 15 min.
Ready to apply 3rd coat: Approx 60 min.
Ready for foot traffic (after applying 2nd or 3rd coat): Approx 45 min.
Ready for leveling (after applying 3rd coat): 16 hours

Shelf Life

1 year unopened


60 / pallet


2.2 gallons plastic canister

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