Schönox SGH

Rapid-Curing, Two-Part Crack Repair Compound suitable for filling dormant concrete and screed cracks, saw cuts or dummy joints, and for bonding nail battens, metal profiles as well as natural and artificial stones on porous and non-porous substrates. Loadable after 15-45 min. Renovation clips included.

Emicode - low-emissions product. HPS Schönox Subfloor Solutions

Technical Data

Coverage per Unit to Fill Cracks

When approx. 1/8” wide and 1” deep):
approx. 15 linear ft.


1.3 kg/l


EC 1PLUS Regulated: very low emission

Application Temperature

Not below 60°F floor temperature

Working Time

7 – 15 minutes
loadable after 15 – 45 minutes




300 ml of component A and 300 ml of component B in plastic bottles
6 sets (comp. A + comp. B) in a box
6 x 20 screed renovation clips per box


Not below 50°F

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