Schönox TS

Impact Sound Insulation Underlayment suitable for improving impact sound insulation, heat insulation, and living comfort in residential areas.

Technical Data

Thermal Insulation

According to ISO 8302: Approx. 0.04m² K/W

Acoustic Value

Impact sound improvement without floor covering according to ISO 10140: Approx. 17dB

Increase in Impact Insulation

dIIC 20dB (following ASTM E2179)


EQc2, Low-Emitting Materials: 1 to 3 points

VOC Content

0g/l (calculated), SCAQMD 1168

Temperature Resistance

-30°C up to +80°C / -22°F up to 176°F

Material Thickness

Appox. 3mm / 1/8″


Granules of cork and urethane


Brown/Black mix

Shelf Life

2 years


20m / 65.61ft. per roll
11 rolls per pallet


Store vertical/upstanding in cool, dry conditions avoiding any deformation.

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