Cincinnati Children’s Healthcare

During the renovation of Cincinnati Children’s Healthcare Space, contractors were faced with old, uneven concrete substrates in need of repair and leveling. Schönox VD was used to prime the existing concrete before applying Schönox AP self-leveling subfloor material.

US News and World Report ranked Cincinnati Children’s as one of the nation’s top three pediatric hospitals. Leading research and healthcare service make this facility a resource for those in the region and around the world, but also for other medical providers when a complex pediatric surgical procedure is required.

Existing Substrate

The existing concrete was uneven and in need of repair and leveling. During preparation, the subfloor was vacuumed to remove any loose pieces, debris, and dust.

Priming Using Schönox VD

Schönox VD is a universal acrylic primer for use prior to applying Schönox underlayments. The universal primer can be used on porous substrates. Schönox VD is applied using a 3/8” nap roller. Schönox VD has 0g/l VOCs and meets SCAQMD standards.

Schönox AP Application

Schönox AP, a synthetic gypsum self-leveling compound, meets the highest level of air quality standards with very low emission levels helping to ensure against indoor air pollution. Unlike typical cement leveling compounds, AP releases limited amounts of dust particles when mixed keeping the air cleaner and safer in healthcare environments.

Schönox AP is a superior alternative to traditional grind and fill processes. High polymer content gives Schönox AP excellent self-leveling capabilities and flow characteristics with minimal installation time ensuring smooth, flat subfloors. Schönox AP dries very smooth and extremely strong at 5800 psi with no shrinking or cracking.

Finished Subfloor