Green Bay’s Hotel Northland

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Hotel Northland opened in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on March 21, 1924, as the largest hotel in the state. For more than 50 years, Hotel Northland, with its status as a boutique hotel well-appointed with the most luxurious amenities, served as the social hub of Green Bay.

Before it could transform back to its past, the hotel had to undergo a thorough and extensive renovation. A crew from the Green Bay area, H.J. Martin and Son, was tasked with the tremendous amount of work that would be needed on the 100,100 square-foot job. The substrate condition of the hotel was in dire need of repair, and many of the floor levels were uneven. There was existing tile and carpet adhesive on the floors that would need to be filled before work could begin. From one side of the building to the other, there was a two-inch difference in the floor height. The challenge would be to fill existing areas in order to flush out with existing tile.

Existing Substrate

Existing tile, adhesive residue, and uneven substrate conditions required ramping, patching, priming and self-leveling to prepare for installation of a variety of top-surface flooring materials.

Priming: Schönox SHP and KH Fix

Before the existing subfloor could be repaired and leveled, it was primed with Schönox SHP on the non-porous substrates and Schönox KH Fix was used to prime and bind residual dust created suitable surfaces for pouring the self-leveler.

Patching: Schönox AST

All corridors were troweled with Schönox AST synthetic gypsum rapid-drying, smoothing and patching compound to ramp off the thresholds.

Leveling: Schönox AP

Schönox AP synthetic gypsum self-leveler was used to level approximately 80 percent of the building, including unit bathrooms and bedrooms, common areas and common bathrooms.

Rennovated Subfloor

Schönox AP can be installed up to 2” and is ready for foot traffic after approximately 2 hours and covering after approximately 16 hours up to 1/8” layer thickness.

Schönox AP creates an incredibly level, strong and smooth surface, allowing the confident installation of flexible floor coverings. Carpet, VCT and rubber flooring were all installed in the hotel. Over 100,000 square feet of floors of the Hotel Northland have been fully restored using Schönox.