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HPS Schönox brings cost savings and speed to retail renovations

New Subfloor Solutions Set to Reduce Store Downtime

Chicago, IL – April 16, 2013

HPS Schönox is introducing a series of products to the Retail industry this week at GlobalShop designed to reduce the cost and time it takes to renovate floors in retail spaces. Schönox AP and APF are self leveling subfloor products that can go directly over many critical substrates resulting in a smooth, sound subfloor without the costly demolition work so common with flooring projects. “With retail, we fully understand that store downtime for renovation represents lost sales on a daily basis,” explained Enos Farnsworth, president of HPS North America, Inc. “Our subfloor products are designed to trim the cost and time it takes for store remodels.” Also new at GlobalShop is Schönox Roll and Go™ adhesive which allows floor tiles to be walked on and loaded with store fixtures immediately after installation without delay.

Recent renovation projects at Northgate Mall in Cincinnati utilized many Schönox subfloor products in over 72,000 square feet of retail space. The old ceramic tile from the area was removed leaving the subfloor in poor condition. Schönox AP was used to quickly level and prepare the subfloor. “We decided to use Schönox because of its strength and ability to go over different substrates with limited preparation,” explained Todd McKnight, General Superintendent with Builtech Construction, the firm handling the renovation. “In the past we have used other subfloor options, but unlike Schönox those products require installers to be on the floor spreading the product by hand in a time consuming process that does not produce surfaces as smooth as Schönox.” Schönox AP is poured over challenging subfloors and quickly spread with a gauge rake. “The Schönox products are ideal for use in retail renovation projects requiring high quality installations in minimal time,” commented Kris Day, HPS Schönox Territory Business Manager. “The renovation projects at Northgate Mall really underscore the strengths that Schönox is bringing to retail flooring efforts.”

Both Schönox AP and APF are made from synthetic gypsum that is created from the byproduct of the process used to purify emissions from power plants. These unique products can go over many critical substrates, dry to 5400+ psi, and are designed especially for the renovation industry. “Many builders, architects, and designers find the environmental aspects of Schönox AP and APF to be especially attractive,” said Karen Bellinger, HPS Schönox Business Development. “Once they see that these products significantly reduce demolition material going to landfills, have no VOCs, and are made from recycled material paired with the strong performance of the products, they are sold.” Fortified using a special conversion method, synthetic gypsum is far superior to traditional gypsumbased products.

Also new to the retail industry is Schönox Roll and Go, a rollable acrylic adhesive, for use with luxury vinyl tile. The product comes as an integrated kit containing everything that is needed to use the product including the primer, rollers, adhesive, and the rolling tray. Floor installation can begin fifteen minutes after application. A minimal amount of adhesive is applied allowing a cleaner installation process. Tiles are bound immediately so the installer can work on and across the tile without tiles slipping. Flooring can be installed for up to two hours after adhesive application. Tiles can be walked on and bear loads immediately.

About HPS Schönox

Schönox HPS North America, Inc., a business unit of TMT America, Inc., is a customer-oriented, entrepreneurial, high-tech company specializing in subfloor solutions for new construction, as well as renovation and occupied spaces. Innovative products include primers and moisture mitigation systems, subfloor repair products, floor-leveling compounds, adhesives, and waterproofing materials for installing floor coverings. For more information about Schönox products, contact the Marketing Department by emailing moc.s1718226272roolf1718226272busph1718226272@gnit1718226272ekram1718226272, calling toll free 855.391.2649, or visiting