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HPS Schönox unveils targeted product line for Healthcare Industry

Renovation Projects Benefit from Highly Engineered and Environmentally Responsible Products

Florence, AL – November 5, 2012

HPS North America, Inc. (HPS) has introduced a series of subfloor products specifically geared toward the challenges and unique needs of the healthcare sector. Characterized by exceptional air quality standards, the ability to contribute to LEED credits, and a system that allows for faster, more efficient flooring installations makes this product offering the strongest of its kind for healthcare renovations.

Schönox has developed new self-leveling technology for three products using synthetic gypsum that is created from a by-product of the process used to purify emissions from power plants. Taken together, Schönox AP, APF, and AST form a product system that can address challenging subfloor conditions. These unique products can go over many critical substrates, contribute to LEED credits, and are designed especially for the renovation industry. Fortified using a special conversion method, synthetic gypsum is far superior to traditional gypsum-based products. In many cases, these products eliminate the need for costly subfloor demolition, allowing contractors to proceed more quickly and efficiently with flooring projects.

HPS has also launched Schönox SDG, a ready mixed, solvent free acrylic primer and moisture vapor barrier that will address concrete subfloors with high moisture levels. “Our customers often face tough moisture problems when installing floors over concrete surfaces,” explained Enos Farnsworth, HPS President. “Schönox SDG will handle moisture levels up to 93% relative humidity (RH) or 12 lbs./1000 sq. ft./24 hours. Collectively, SDG has 0 VOCs, contributes to LEED credits, and meets SCAQMD standards. This is a fantastic accomplishment that will allow our customers to install floors sooner over challenging substrates and in most cases without shot blasting.”

“When HPS partnered with Schönox and AkzoNobel, one of the most attractive product benefits was how environmentally friendly the products are on so many different levels,” commented Karen Bellinger, HPS Business Development. “Schönox primers and adhesives have 0 VOCs and each leveling compound or patch and repair product has very low emissions meeting stringent quality standards ensuring consumer health protection.”

Schönox Synthetic Gypsum AP and AST underlayments also have dust-reduced properties. “This product characteristic reduces the amount of dust formed during the mixing process,” described Shane Swann, HPS Onsite Technical Support. Coupled with very low emissions, the use of recycled content, and reduced dust; Schönox provides additional assurance against indoor air pollution and protection to the environment.

About HPS Schönox

Schönox HPS North America, Inc., a business unit of TMT America, Inc., is a customer-oriented, entrepreneurial, high-tech company specializing in subfloor solutions for new construction, as well as renovation and occupied spaces. Innovative products include primers and moisture mitigation systems, subfloor repair products, floor-leveling compounds, adhesives, and waterproofing materials for installing floor coverings. For more information about Schönox products, contact the Marketing Department by emailing moc.s1719021620roolf1719021620busph1719021620@gnit1719021620ekram1719021620, calling toll free 855.391.2649, or visiting