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Schönox Need for Speed™ and hands Ön training met at the porsche® track experience

Schönox HPS Customers Learn About Schönox and Porsche, Fast

Florence and Birmingham, AL – June 13, 2022 – Customers and colleagues attending a recent Schönox Hands ÖN Training session at the company’s Florence Support Center split their week between learning the speed and performance characteristics of both Schönox and Porsche®. Both experiences were hands ÖN. At the end of the week, all agreed you can make a lot of money with one, a lot of memories with the other, and both are really, really fast. “The Porsche Track Experience was one of the best times of my life,” commented Les Lippert, President, Lippert Flooring and Tile. “It was a great opportunity to meet more of the Schönox and Küberit team and see their facilities.”

Hosted by Schönox, Küberit USA, Trissl Sports Cars, and TMT America, the weeklong event’s pace was set from the beginning with guests picked up at the airport in a series of Porsche Macans and Cayennes. Schönox Hands ÖN training followed, introducing attendees to Need for Speed™ products and strategies. Küberit USA staff shared the company’s rapidly-growing line of floor and wall profiles, providing solutions for all projects and floor coverings. The training later moved from the Schönox Support Center to Barber Motorsports Park, home of the US Driving School of Porsche. “It was a fantastic event, showcasing outstanding technologies in the hands of so many leaders in the flooring industry,” said Mike Penney, Senior Vice President Sales, Schönox HPS.

The Schönox Florence Support Center hosts flooring contractors, installers, distributors, and specifiers on a weekly basis, providing comprehensive training covering the uses, benefits, installation details, and project strategies of the entire Schönox subfloor series. Trissl Sports Cars, a division of TMT America as is Schönox HPS North America, hosts several events at Barber Motorsports Park and at the Trissl Sports Car facility each year. The Porsche Track Experience is designed to put drivers in Porsches on a world-class track, learning quickly, while safely testing their limits. “There’s little doubt that I want a Porsche now, but what made me happiest was the opportunity to have these experiences with my father (Dan Ulfig),” remarked Garrett Ulfig, Southwest Director, Master Craft Floors.

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Schönox HPS North America, Inc., a business unit of TMT America, Inc., is a customer-oriented, entrepreneurial, high-tech company specializing in subfloor solutions for new construction, as well as renovation and occupied spaces. Innovative products include primers and moisture mitigation systems, subfloor repair products, floor-leveling compounds, adhesives, and waterproofing materials for installing floor coverings. For more information about Schönox products, contact the Marketing Department by emailing moc.s1716092822roolf1716092822busph1716092822@gnit1716092822ekram1716092822, calling toll free 855.391.2649, or visiting