Graco SL340E Pump

Barrel-mixed compounds (barrels not included) poured into 30-gallon hopper and pumped up to 50 feet, using standard 120 volt outlet with variable flow setting, fast setup, and easy cleaning.

  • 120V, 15A
  • 130 bags/hour
  • Only weighs 210 lbs
  • Fits through doorways
  • Utilize contractor barrel mixers
  • Perfect solution for jobs with varying elevations/levels
  • Ability to mix/pump from outside or from lower/upper floors
  • Can pump vertically 40-50 ft. (depending upon material)
  • Easy cleanup
  • Residential and small commercial installations
  • Intended for 200+ bag orders
  • Renotex® 3D project

Technical Data


Pumps pre-mixed leveling compounds


30 gallon hopper / weighs 210 lbs.