Schönox HPS ComfortSafe

Schönox HPS ComfortSafe radiant warmth and moisture reduction layer. Suitable for either residential or commercial installations and ideally any floor where warmth and surface moisture reduction is desired. Each kit comes with an easy-install ComfortSafe mat and a step-by-step installation manual. Pair with Schönox cement or synthetic gyspum self-levelers, on a variety of substrates, to create a warmer, dryer subfloor solution.

Technical Data

Supply Voltage


Heater Current

Residential: 0.41A/ft length at 120VAC
Commercial: 0.75A/ft length at 120VAC

Output Power/Ft

Residential: 49 W/ft
Commercial: 90.7 W/ft


Poly vinyl chloride/PETV perforated film matrix with carbon/glass conducting reinforcement fibers

Mat Width

Residential: 30”
Commercial: 35″

Roll Length

Residential: 40′
Commercial: 32′