Schönox US

Moisture-Resistant, Water & Frost-Resistant Cement-Based, Self-leveling Compound suitable on cement and gypsum-based substrates. Can be installed from 1/8″ up to 3″. Up to 40 min. pot life. Ready for covering after approximately 24 hours at 1/4″. Designed for fast leveling in interior and exterior areas.

Emicode - low-emissions product. HPS Schönox Subfloor Solutions

Technical Data

Compressive Strength

2000 psi / 12 N/mm² / 135 kg/cm² after 1 day
4250 psi / 25 N/mm² / 300 kg/cm² after 28 days


Approx. 50 sq.ft. per unit at a thickness of 1/8″


EC 1PLUS Regulated: very low emission


IEQ 4.3a Low-Emitting Materials-Flooring Systems, 1 point MR 1.1 Building Reuse Maintain Existing Walls, Floors and Roof, up to 3 points MR 1.2 Building Reuse Interior-Maintain Existing Interior Nonstructural Elements, 1 point

Working Temperature

Not below 41°F floor temperature

Pot Life

Approx. 40 minutes

Ready for covering

For floor covering products:
After approx. 24 hours up to 1/4″ thickness, after 48 hours up to 3/8″ thickness.
For tile or stone:
After approx. 4 hours



Shelf Life

18 months unopened


55lb. net weight in paper bags



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